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Tel: 014 592 1080
Cell: 083 679 4934
Email: admin@airspeed.co.za
Address: Joubertstreet 208, Rustenburg
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Products & Services

Airspeed was established in 2018. We identified a need for fast and reliable internet connections for home and business users in Rustenburg and surrounding area. With more than 15 years experience in the IT industry we decided to take on the challenge and build our own wireless network. We managed to secure strategic locations for our network High-Sites allowing us to have an advantage over our competitors.

Our next BIG step was partnering with SMS Cellular Services (Pty) LTD to ensure we get the bandwidth and speed to be able to provide our clients with a top notch service.

  • ULTRA FAST – We offer very low contention ratio’s on all our packages and equal up and download speed.
  • ULTRA RELIABLE – We have a well designed and supported network to ensure our clients the maximum service availability.
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Are you an online gamer or do you prefer to stream your TV shows? No problem, we got you covered.
  • MAX BANDWIDTH – We ensure max bandwidth availability to ALL our customers.


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