Kidz Clinic for Lice 

Kidz Clinic for Lice 


Contact Details

Sonia Wagner 
Cell: 078 105 1593
Adres: 13A Selatirivierlaan, Cashan 4, Rustenburg
Besigheids ure: Maandae – Vrydae = 09:00 tot 16:00


Kidz Clinic dienste:

  • Kopluise is die jaar weer ‘n groot probleem, ons kinders sukkel om te konsentreer, want hy beweeg teen ‘n spoed.
  • Die hitte vererger dit, broei tyd is dan soveel makliker.
  • Kom laat ek help, ek doen 1 kind op ‘n slag. Privaatheid is my leuse.
  • Skakel my gerus vir ‘n afspraak.

Kidz Clinic Services: 

  • Head lice are a big problem this year.
  • Our children are suffering to concentrate, because they move like crazy.
  • The extreme heat conditions make it worst and then they breed so much easier and faster.
  • I can help you. I treat one child/person at a time.
  • Privacy is my motto.
  • Feel free to contact me for an appointment.

Pryslys / Price List:

  • Kort Hare / Short Hair- R150
  • Lang hare ( Skouer lengte ) / Long hair ( Shoulder length ) – R200
  • Lang hare ( Onder skouers )  / Long hair ( Under the shoulders ) – R300+

Belangrike Kennisgewing / Important Notice:

  • Ek behandel GEEN kind onder die ouderdom van 5 nie / I do NOT treat children under the age of 5.
  • Tydsduur van behandeling hang af van die lengte van die hare / The time frame for treatment depends on the length of the hair.


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