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With today’s economy it might be tough to make a living. Jobs are scarce and unemployment is everywhere. We need to come up with creative ways to gain an income and what better way than to start your own business? Honey has a great opportunity for those who are interested.

The Honey business opportunity has been embraced by thousands of people, to build their own successful and meaningful businesses. The major strength of Honey has always been the entrepreneurial qualities and enthusiasm of their Team Leaders and Sales Consultants (Distributors). People from all walks of life, who share values of commitment, focus and a desire to succeed have been drawn to the Honey opportunity. Honey values and promotes a winning culture of self-actualisation, interdependence, integrity and excellence.

Honey has excellent and beautiful fashion products with a big market. They offer training and support for all their consultants.

Elizma Coetsee has been in the industry for 10 years and has helped many people start their own business. “People should realise that you get out what you put in, meaning that the harder you work the more you will get out of life. In the business world it also works like this. If you work hard and do your very best your earning potential will be very high”. Elizma won many awards, some of them being the personality of the year award from The Direct Selling Association of South Africa twice in a row. She and her team ranks third in the country.

Give Elizma Coetsee a call today and learn more about how you can start your own business and start boosting your income.


Tel: 014 592 2538
Fax: 086 601 2338
Cell: 083 630 3407
Address: 161A Klopper Street, Rustenburg
Email: elizmacoetsee@gmail.com
Twitter: @elizmacoetsee
Facebook: Honey Fashion accessories Rustenburg
Website: www.honeyacc.co.za

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