The latest trending topic is that of Cop-jacking. Cop-jacking, or police pretending, is when people use police sirens, lights and equipment to make victims think they are part of the SAPS. This opens a wide range of possibilities for the criminals, such as easily pulling over a victim and hijack their vehicle.

Even though this crime has not yet been reported in the Rustenburg area, it is important that we become aware of this latest criminal activity. The problem being, when is it the real police? Experts have suggested a few tips for when you encounter a situation where police want you to pull over.

When a police vehicle is driving behind you and signals you to stop, you can do the following:

  • Reduce your speed to about 35 – 40 Km/H.
  • Turn on your hazards.
  • Put your hand out of your window and signal that the police follow you.
  • Call the police and tell them what is happening and where you are. This will just ensure that they know what is happening.
  • Drive slowly to the nearest well lit public area such as a petrol station. Somewhere preferably with CCTV cameras.

Whilst doing this it is important to drive slowly. You should not look like you are trying to get away, because if you do police will be forced to use force to stop you. If it is not the real police but “cop-jackers” they should go away when you enter the public place.

When you get to the public place and it is in fact police that wanted to pull you over, remember to be polite and friendly. Never use an irritable or angry tone. You should also explain why you let them follow you to a safe public place so that they can also be informed of this behaviour.

It is very important that we work together with the SAPS, but one can never be too careful. Cop-jackers are just another way that criminals are making life harder. Be vigilant in your interactions but stay calm and have a clear mind. Most of the time it will properly be a legitimate member of the SAPS, but we must always be prepared for the odd one out.

Information sourced from Carte Blanche on M-net of Sunday 02 November 2013.

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