Markings Used  To Target Houses

We received information from the North West police about a new method that criminals could be using to target various households.

Burglars are allegedly using coded chalk symbols to let other criminals know whether a property is worth targeting. The marks are dubbed the “Da Pinci Code”. These markings are made by would be thieves to indicate if the house is vulnerable. These marks would reveal who is living in the house and whether there is anything worth stealing.

The symbols that are commonly used by criminals can be seen in the image below. If you see any of these symbols on walls, cement, pavement or even in the street, remove them immediately. This safety tip can easily save you from a robbery.

If criminals can work together in organised crime, why can we not work together in organised crime prevention? Be sure to help your neighbour if you see these markings on their walls. Let us help each other and make Rustenburg a safer city.


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