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Healthy living is the way to go.  It not only helps you to avoid hefty medical bills but you also feel great , full of energy and ready to take on the world.  That is what Thania le Roux from Wings promotes, healthy living.  She believes that a person can’t just rely on exercise, they need to eat healthy, live healthy and be healthy.  A healthy mindset, a healthy body and a healthy soul makes for a healthy person.

Wings Spinning and Pilates studio have been in Rustenburg for more than 11 years.  Thania started off in her parents garage.  And it grew from there into what is today one of Rustenburg’s most popular and successful fitness and healthy living studio’s.  “When a person comes to join us here at Wings, they become part of our healthy living family.  We motivate and encourage each other and we do not judge anyone.  People of all shapes and sizes are welcome.  No matter who you are, you are always welcome.  I have a vision to help each person reach their goals and help them achieve their maximum fitness and health potential”.

Spinning is fun, challenging and you get a great cardiovascular workout in a short period  of time.  You can lose weight and keep fit, without spending a lot of money on shakes and meds that doesn’t really do anything for you at all.  Each week, an instructor will arrange and lead a challenging program to upbeat music.  The programs are designed to warm you up, push you and cool you down.
Not only will you get a great work out but a healthier life style, a toned body and the most important part, confidence.  Get up and get going. Live life in a healthy way.  Contact Thania for more information at 082 340 1380 or send an e-mail to spinpilates@gmail.com.


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