It is the start of a new year.  For a great deal of people in our town of Rustenburg the year 2013 brings forth different emotions that gives you the feeling of a roller coaster.  For some people the year started with a dark cloud when Anglo American Platinum released the news that there would be drastic retrenchment at the various shafts of Anglo.

It is estimated that a total of 14 000 workers will lose their source of income.  On a lighter side there is the Orange Africa Cup of Nations that is taking place in Rustenburg and other major cities in South Africa.  The Whole of Africa is swamping our country because of their passion for soccer. Rustenburg is a growing city and no amount of negativity that comes from the Anglo disaster will have the effect that our town will now starting dying and turn into a ghost town.  As Christians in this great town, we must start speaking life not death.

We started this year to make a paradigm shift in our website content.  The Rusties team felt we needed to focus more on news and interesting articles that the people of Rustenburg would love to read.  If you would like to contribute news of things happening in Rustenburg, feel free to email us on .

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New Clients

Rusties would like to welcome the following clients to our website:

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Businesses in the spot light

Rusties believes in giving our clients the best exposure possible.  For this reason we rotate our current clients regularly to our Rusties homepage.

The following clients have been rotated to our homepage:

 Upcoming Events

Rusties is very excited over 2013 and believes that this year will be explosive with a great amount of events popping up on our events calendar.

The following event is coming up:

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Rusties brings you the following great specials in Rustenburg:

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Rusties expanding news section

Rusties is very excited about our new news section.  We want to inform you as our readers of everything that happens in this growing town of Rustenburg.  One of our aims is also to provide informing and interesting articles about different topics.

As community website, the support of the community would be appreciated.  Contact us about news worthy things at .

We need news on the following sections:

  • School News
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Rusties Stats Skyhigh


The traffic at Rusties is always increasing due to the hard work that we do to improve our exposure and search engine rankings.

In the month of January 2013, the Rusties site had almost 30,000 hits which gives us almost 1000 hits per day on average. Weekdays have high traffic and weekends are usually slower but that would be the average.

We will continue to build on the traffic in order to give you, our client, the maximum possible exposure on the internet!

Thought of the Month

“God didn’t make a mistake when He made you. You need to see yourself as God sees you.”  Joel Osteen

Verse of the month

“If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in him and he in God.”

1 John 4:15

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