We worked hard during the month of August to market the Rustenburg businesses advertising here with us on Rusties. We look forward to the month of September which lies ahead and we hope that you do as well. May your business be blessed and may it prosper due to good management and marketing!

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New Business Listings

Yet another month flew by as we winked and as a result new businesses showed their interest to advertise online in Rustenburg with Rusties.co.za. Below are the new clients we gained throughout the month of August 09.

Rusties Advertisement Board

In our previous newsletter for July ’09 we told you about the advertisement that we planned on putting up on the corner of Bosch St & Nelson Mandela Rd where Laerskool Rustenburg is. The chromadeck board was completed by Xtream Printing & Signs and it was put up at the end of August 09. When you drive either down Bosch St to the east or down Nelson Mandela Rd to the north, you’ll notice the board across the road from the new Standard Bank building. Here is a photo.

Rusties Board

We have planned and arranged for more advertising as we move forward. More banners/boards will be put up at our earliest convenience and other methods of marketing and advertising will be tapped as well. Look out for Rusties in and outside Rustenburg!

Upcoming Events

Specials of the Month

Every month businesses in Rustenburg publish specials here on Rusties to market promotions and special offers they may have. If you are interested in publishing a special, please read more about it here. Below are the specials we published during the month of August ’09.

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