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Rustenburg Trauma, the Norm of Today

The term “trauma” has become a common word in South-Africa. Robbery, vehicle accidents, rape, assaults, suicide, death of a loved one and hi-jacking, are daily struggles. Some people will cope with their trauma, but all will suffer post-traumatic stress disorder as a normal reaction of normal people to an abnormal experience.

Symptoms of trauma

People react to traumatic experiences in different ways.  Here are some symptoms you may recognise:

  • Feeling isolated
  • Frequent periods of withdrawal into oneself
  • Nightmares/flashbacks/insomnia
  • Anger or aggressive behaviour
  • Feeling distrustful and suspicious/blaming others
  • Misuse of alcohol/drugs/gambling and/or food
  • Seeking out high-risk/dangerous pursuits
  • Work-related or relationship problems
  • Feeling numb and empty
  • Feeling suicidal
  • Self-harm and self-destructive tendencies
  • Being easily moved to tears
  • Avoidance of people and places
  • Panic attacks/anxiety/depression/mood swings.

I am a trauma debriefed counsellor, a victim and over comer and conduct a process of healing by empathy, genuineness and unconditional acceptance of extreme intense crises and emotions of a victim. I aim to decrease the occurrence of unnecessary psychological suffering and strive to the positive aspects of one’s live. Start today to become your own major with the theme of joy, peace and restoration.

For more info and help in the area of trauma related problems, contact:

Sandra Smit

Cell: 082 342 4952


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