Your world in colour

In a busy world it is easy to lose track of all the wonderful things around us. We tend to neglect our hobbies because we are too busy with other things. This is not a good thing.  When do we relax and give ourselves a chance to recuperate? Elreza Huygen (Buitendach) says “Art is one of those things that help us unwind and relax. People should practice this more. It is a great stress relief”.

Elreza, one of the renowned art names in Rustenburg, grew up in a creative family. Art was always a great part of her life and she surely has a passion for it. “Art helps us tap into our creative side and to see the beauty around us. It also gives us a massive self confidence boost. So not only do you relax, but you also feel good because of your accomplishments”. Working everyday with ladies that come into her studio, she says that “Art is therapy. There is a clear difference between a person before they start doing something like painting and after. It is amazing to see how art can help with a person’s emotional wellbeing”.

But how do I choose what form of art I want to do?Elreza says “try everything, trial and error. Don’t be afraid to try something new”.  “Because of the heat in Rustenburg I prefer oil painting; it does not dry as quickly”.  You are never too old or too young to start something new.  Even though you might feel that you are not creative at all, you can always learn how to paint, draw or any other form of art for that matter. Skills are like muscles, you need to train to improve.

Elreza’s has a saying “Life is a canvas. Throw all the paint that you can on it and paint what you can”. We should not simply see life in greyscale, but in full colour. “Don’t just look, see” says Elreza. Art helps us to see the world in colour and gives us an appreciation for the beauty of the world.


Above: Elreza Huygen (Buitendach)

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