A good day to die hard movie review

The Die hard franchise has always been about good action.  John McClane (Bruce Willis) always finds himself in trouble and impossible situations but always finds a way out and ends a bad guy with a smile.  In the newest installment, A good day to Die Hard plays off in Russia.  John McClane (Bruce Willis) “Goes on vacation” as he states several times in the movie with a double agenda, to get his son, Jack McClane (Jai Courtney),  out of jail .  From the start it is obvious to see that they are not on good terms with each other.  They find themselves on bad terms with a Russian rogue militia, destroying the streets looking for them.

A good day to die hard is a typical action movie.  A great deal of shooting, car crashes and fighting.  Some would say that there was almost too much action.  The budget for the cars they blew up and actions scenes were quite big, as it is impossible to keep track of how many were blown up.  There is also a definite lack in story line and plot.  Dialogue was not too good either and many times the dialogue could not be heard due to other distractions and loud sounds.  The camera work was not the best ever seen either.

All in all this movie was all guts and no glory.  But everyone’s opinion may differ.  Of course those who love action would find A good day to die hard exhilarating.  Action lovers will find this movie quite appealing.  It gets a 5 out of 10 from us.  Not the best movie ever made but also not the worst.


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