Get your body ready for summer… and where else than PURE CRYSTAL to get all that and  so much more.

I arrived at Maggie and was welcomed very friendly. We went straight to the salon to start my ‘non surgical laser liposuction’ treatment, I am booked for an hour and a half and  I am very anxious and nervous at the same time, to see the promised results in such a short amount of time.

First Maggie measured my stomach and hip area, after that I was told to relax and l lay down on the bed to start the procedure. She put rubber bands where I want to lose the centimeters and puts in the lasers as well.

I lay down about 30 minutes with it, no pain at all and I did not even have any discomfort of any sort. After the laser treatment Maggie took the laser and rubber bands off and let me sauna for 30 minutes, WOW…was that nice and HOT!! ( But no discomfort at all ) I could feel my body starting to sweat as all the toxins are being ‘dragged’ out of my body.

Maggie keeps me hydrated with bottled water throughout the whole process.  She also explains to me all that is happening during the whole procedure with my 1st visit so that I know exactly what to expect the next time I visit her.

Maggie leaves me in the room with nice, calm, soothing music and I could almost feel falling asleep. After 30 minutes we measure my hips and stomach again… and guess what? 4 Centimeters  of my stomach and 4 off my lips in just 1 and a half hours.

Remember to keep drinking a lot of fluids to loose more centimeters as the laser procedure is still working the following day and that’s why you can only do the laser treatment every 2nd day. The more water you drink, the more the fat cells will be flushed out.

Maggie also gave me a bottle of LIPOGON – Lipogon Lymhereum Tincture drops speeds up the lymphatic system, which thus speeds up the detoxing of toxins, Lymhereum Tinture is excellent for curing water retention, boost your immune system, it’s a herbal cleansing tonic, lowers blood pressure, anti-aging inflammatory agent and it helps treat bladder infections or stomach ulcers  She sells it for R280

Maggie has a lot of specials going on now:

  • Non Surgical Laser Liposuction & 30 minute sauna treatmment– Only R350 ( Hour and a half )
  • 4 x treatments for only R1000 / 8 x treatments for only R1600
  • Lypolisis – 10 injections and 5 laser treatments for only R2000 – Guarenteed 30+ cenitmetres loss in 2 weeks.
  • Just a 30 minute sauna package – R100 per session
  • Body Wrap and 30 minute sauna package = R150 per session
  • Gym in a bottle injections – R500 each
  • Then also special prices on the injections for R100 & R200 per injection

With this good results, I will most definitely see Maggie much sooner than she thinks.

Please feel free to contact Maggie for more information or to make an appointment 079 894 2025 / 083 754 6296
You can also mail Maggie –

  • Beautiful crystal bracelets and necklaces also available.



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